Monday, February 7, 2011

pretty little Tuff.

hello there,
How was your weekend friends?
I was a bit sick, but i'm feeling much better now.
Here is this weeks beautiful package meal for you.

The components you'll need:
- a pair of scissors,
- a knitting thread and
- a cardboard.

If you don't have a cardboard like this one you can use a regular one,
or even a ruler will do the job. I've decided to use this kind of cardboard
because of it's lines. They are useful and easy to work with,
that's something you'll need if you would like to play with the size of this pom-pom.

photos by Istok Avdich.

enjoy your pretty little Tuff friends!

5 тhoughts:

Dijana MakeUp said...

beautiful blog dear..:)


yunims said...

Simple but it good idea and usefull!!Thanks.

kristina said...

@Dijana: Thank you Dijana, glad to have you here!

@yunims: Happy to help.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute poms. But just so you know:

"tuft" - a cluster of soft, fluffy threads
"tuff" - a fragmented rock consisting of ash and cinder, also slang for tough

kristina said...

Thank you for your note kytyn.
It' actually a name I gave them when I was а little girl, had nothing to do with the meaning of the word Tuff :)

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