Monday, July 12, 2010

Something out of Nothing.

my own Shadows.

a few mounts ago there was a workshop set in one of the old buildings in Skopje.
the workshop was about a cardboard design and it was led by David Graas,
a great cardboard designer.

this workshop lasted 2,5 weeksand it was provided for 17 design students from my country, including myself.

the topic on the workshop was creating something out of nothing and it was quite a challenge because in order to design something we were allowed to use only cardboard.

. the workshop blog .

modular play

modular play it is again an interactive design.
it is made out of one component, only one segment which can be used
as many times as the user needs to finish his design.

i created tow different lamp design out of it.
the one is a ceiling lamp and the other one is a floor lamp.

the floor lamp

the sailing lamp

all of the little segments were hand cut and it was a very hard work
but it was worth it. after all i have to thank vladimir for helping me with the cutting part.

design is everywhere and could be created out of everything
you just need to be able to see it.

hope you liked it.

have a charming day.

2 тhoughts:

bojana said...

kristina, lusterot izgleda mnogu interesno.
i blogot ti e mnogu ubav. bravo.

kristina said...

ти благодарам бојана,
ме радува!

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