Sunday, July 11, 2010


daily Meal.'s meal is something not realized yet, but i hope it will be soon..

something i really love to create is a modular design, design which is
an interactive and never finished. modular design allows its user to be creative and to make his own unique design.

01 is an interactive shelf design.

here are the ingredients

the final design might be hanged on the wall,
set on the floor or even put in the middle of the room to separate two different features.
and just to show you what i am talking about here are some of the possible creations.

this design was part of a design contest and an exhibition in my country.
the presentation panel was a big fat sparrows design again and it looked like this:

hope you like it.

enjoy your meal.

2 тhoughts:

drenka said...

E ova e prekrasno!!!! Bravo!!! Me odusevuvaat tvoite raboti!

kristina said...

ти благодарам <3

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