Sunday, February 12, 2012

the smеll of Valentine's day

Sv Valentine Gift Idea

Hello friends. Yes, I know.. it's been a long time. I needed a little time off. 
Soon there will be some changes :) But till than.. I've made little something about Valentine's day.
I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, but as you may noticed I love making presents.
I love how a handmade gift can put a smile on a friendly face :)
Did you make something for your friends?
If you haven't.. Here is an idea. Enjoy!

Sv Valentine Gift Idea

For the packaging I used little envelopes, a red ribbon, paper clips (here is a tutorial how to make a heart-shaped paper clips
and I made a little tags with a "for a special day" massage.

Sv Valentine Gift Idea
Sv Valentine Gift Idea

3 тhoughts:

Tres Peonías said...

So cute DIY!!



Lallabel said...

But you made also the earrings? Lovely!

kristina said...

Yes, I made the earrings too :)
Thank you both!

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