Sunday, November 13, 2011

the Choice...

Thank you for the help everyone..  It was a hard decision, but I piked the third photo.
At first I wasn't sure if it's the right choice, but I an really happy with the final result. :))

What do you think? Do you like it?

3 тhoughts:

Caroline Hancox said...

You live in Skopje?! I've been there - it is so lovely. My boyfriend was lucky enough to have to travel there to work for a little while so I joined him for a week or two and loved it. We went to Lake Matka and everything! Anyway sorry to gush, I followed a link and ended up here (I love the internet) and just had to leave a comment about Macedonia.

kristina said...

I am so glad you wrote Caroline. Yes, I live in Skopje and have to say that this comment of yours put a big smile on my face.. thank you for that. :]

Jennifer Young said...

the sweetest presentation--good job! :)

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