Friday, December 23, 2011


Christmas Packaging Idea

happy 26th birthday мое!

Vlad is 26! :) He says "I'm old now!" and yet he acts like he just turned 20 :))
It's funny how when we are 15 we think that a 25 year old is someone very old! And then when we turn 25
we are 15 all over again and now the 40 year old is "the new old"  :))))

So, here is this years birthday present for Vlad. As always I spent more time on the packaging
then on the actual present, but it was worth it. He was delighted.
I put a little Christmas spirit on it. Hope you like it.  :)

Christmas Packaging Idea
Christmas Packaging Idea

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drenka said...

mnogu mi se dopaga tvoeto pakuvanje...epten gledas na detali...pismenceto e interesna ideja

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