Saturday, July 17, 2010

little Handmade Figurine.

daily Meal.

hi blogger world.
3 years ago i have started creating little figurines out of the cheapest black wire.
the first thing i created was an ant. i found this ant so lonely sitting on my shelf completely alone so i decided to create a friend for her... and 3 days after that.. there they were.. 16 of them ^__^

i decided to take a part in a competition. the title at the competition was "creating worlds" and my world of ants won the first prize. and now after three years only two of them are in my room and the rest of them are gifts to the people i love.

hope you liked it.

have a charming day.

4 тhoughts:

*^Nate^* said...

ремек дело..... моите омилени:*

kristina said...

фала тиииии :)))) :*

Ivan said...

iLike !

kristina said...


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