Saturday, August 28, 2010

it is Coffee Time

a box full of love
daily Meal

hello readers,
how are you these days?
i am working in a few projects in the moment so i do not really have any time for myself,
and i am so sorry for not having time to be active here and write you about
the little things i create.

so, today i am able to take a few minutes and
tell you about the coffee earrings.

knitted with love.

hope you find them coffee enough

have a charming day.

4 тhoughts:

Ivan said...

Zashu vaka mi pravish be... taman se otkazuvam od kafe ! :P :) :) :) iLike !

kristina said...

thank you најредовен читателе! :>

drenka said...

штотуку го открив твојов блог и воодушевена сум!!! Браво за твоите дела!!

kristina said...

ти благодарам.. ми значи :-)

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