Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the Present.

a Christmas Spirit around your Neck.
daily Meal.

hello there dear friends, how did you spent your last days?
i crafted so many pieces of Miss Ginger these days that my hands hurt.
this little Miss have become so wanted.

this last week i also decided that beginning from the next month
design and breakfast will start with a weekly tutorials, and monthly giveaways.
(i know you are happy now)
and now enjoy the last piece of the 5 holiday meals.

one of the Bells,
the Christmas tree,
little miss Ginger,
the little Donut and
the Present.

Istok Avdich photography

till the next post..

every day is a present,
enjoy it!

2 Ń‚houghts:

Sanja said...

all 5 of them are great.

kristina said...

thank you.

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