Friday, July 8, 2011

the 1st birthday...

1 year ago i started building a place for myself.
a place through which i can share my thoughts and designs.
i named it design and breakfast.

and now, a year after, design and breakfast it's my little wooden house.
a place for my little creations.
a big thank you to all of you
who with your everyday support and comments helped me building it.

design and breakfast is today 1 year old!

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enjoy the day!

4 тhoughts:

FarSparrow said...

happy birthday! <3

Topchar said...

Happy B-day!

The Fire Inside Me said...

Среќен роденден!!!!
Да ти се множат деновите, месеците, годините на блогов со одлични постови. А и уште многу многу читатели ;)

Aleksandra Shekutkovska said...

ushte mnogu inspiracija postovi i kreativni dela :)

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