Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Home party!

Last weekend we had a "Welcome Home party".. my sister is finally home. :)
  Here is some of the decorations I decided to make for her.
I used her favorite color combination at the moment, black and magenta. At the beginning I was skeptic about this 2 colors together,
but I like how everything turned out.
My favorite idea is in the next picture.. it's named "the wall with massages" :)


And hare is my sisters favorite decoration.. :))
What do you think about the decorations? Do you like the colors?

3 тhoughts:

drenka said...

interesna ti e idejata za zidot so poraki..sigurno sestra ti bila odusevena od seto ova

kristina said...

ѕидот со пораки изнасмеа многу луѓе :)
а во врска со реакцијата на сестра ми.. не и се веруваше, возбудата ја држеше неколку дена.. сеуште не дозволува да ги извадиме, па си седиме во декорирана дома :))
ти се врати дома?

drenka said...

da , se vrativ...samo ne sum pisala na zaboraviv :) inaku i ja ne bi gi trgala ovie dekoracii

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