Friday, July 9, 2010

one twelfth.

my own Shadows.

a few years ago i have started creating my own shadows. got caught into the magical world of lightning and still enjoy every single moment of it.

the very first lamp design i decided to share with you is something
i had designed 2 years ago.
i was second year of my studies when i got an assignment
to design a lamp for the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008
designers presentation.

as usual i had decided to create my own story. i bought only the basic segments that a lamp needs to be functional and tried to create a design out of them.

after a few days sketching i finally got my 1/12 lamp.

the lamp can be а floor lamp, а ceiling lamp, а table lamp etc. it contains 12 bulbs,
all of them functional but not at the same time.

there are also two different types of the lamp,
the one on the following photos and the other one
made out of Eco-friendly bulbs.
the bulbs in the first lamp are not replaceable and after a few years this lamp will become a sculpture, and the second one never dies, its bulbs are replaceable.

photographs by Istok Avdic, you can find him here

the little 1/12 booklet
designed by big fat sparrow


thank you big fat sparrow

hope you like it.

have a charming day.

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