Thursday, July 8, 2010

the Bajadera Earrings.

a Box Full of Love.
daily Meal.

when it comes to a birthday present i prefer to make them myself
and almost always want to create a story about my design.
this story is called Bajadera, which is a very delicious chocolate, i love it.

here are the ingredients

and the final product: Bajadera Earrings

i also prefer making my own packaging design, and
this way my story is completed.
hope you like it.

enjoy your meal.

2 Ń‚houghts:

Magi said...

i would love to have one pair of thouse .. :-)
They Are Awesome

kristina said...

i am glad you like them,
if you are interested to own a pair of these
you can contact me by e-mail
[].. :-)


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